Thursday, 29 March 2012

SABRE vs68

Here she is!!! absolute work of art.Unbelievably this 1959 Col Winton Skiffabout is still a virgin.A time capsule for those of us that missed the golden years of power boat racing in Australia to appreciate...That finish,the craftsmanship,the sign work,the screen,the stainless,that trim,the trailer,everything just unbelievable.My words just cant do her justice,enjoy the pics folks.....thanks Doc,your a bloody marvel!!!


  1. Built by Col Winton for a member of VSBC. 17'6" solid Meranti planks ,copper riveted -wedged & araldited. Finish of hull is painted Ox Blood Red-signwritten and then 14 coats hand rubbed estapol to a glass finish. Boat was built to run in "A GRADE CLASS" 266cu.[ Ford SideValve ]. Interior Trim was completed by "McKinnon Motor Trimmers" in Gold & Brown marble vinyl of the day.A extra front racing seat with central arm rest came with the boat.Trailer was custom built by "Steelcraft" of Carnegie who only built trailers between 1960-1965, original floral carpet on runners still remains like new.
    Sabre is "UNRESTORED" in original condition as built,sold to 2nd owner less motor.The 2nd owner a customer of mine ,offered the boat to me in 1980. I just didn't have the cash at that time , still in touch with him i purchased Sabre in 2002. Boat made the Herald - Sun Newspaper 2003 ,Modernboating Magazine 2003 after being at the Melbourne Boat Show CAWPB display. Featured in VSBC proprider 1973 forsale and later by 2nd owner proprider 1992. All bright fittings are brass chrome plating [No Stainless]

  2. The most beautiful arrangement of colours.Can only a imagine the feeling of pride you must get every time you enter the shed.That marbled vinyl trim really does it for me.I'm sure Nan & Pa's kitchen chairs were the same.Probably had that floral carpet somewhere too.Priceless masterpiece!