Wednesday, 14 March 2012

WILD ONE:yes,another Filam for sale

Sorry to keep posting Filam's.I'm about their biggest fan and just hope they all find good loving homes....WILD ONE sport's a nice 307 chev and really retain's that old school charm,very original...Give Steve a call if your interested.Here's the link>>


  1. liked this old girl so much i bought her . started strippn back to make her near new andy

  2. Congrats Andy,she's a cool old rocket!How far are you going with the spruce up?Cant wait to see the results,keep us posted.Hoping to organize a Filam reunion later this year(when weather picks up),be great to see you there.Ron

  3. dont know how far i will take her 'she has a leak in the fuel tank and thats out . carpet is out . prop leak ... but goes like a showerofshit . im in adelaide so a reunion could be a tough 1 . tried to buy kapala . missed freeway just , bought maroochidore filam but he renigged on ebay cos i won bid of 7500[ and its still on the market at 12000 ] and finally caught wild one and think she the best of the lot .i have pictures of goolwa speed boat show last month. some s i c k timber old timers there . like to take a peek ?