Tuesday, 13 March 2012


TREMBLA...Meos Hornet mk1...Holden 308...Thommo sent in these pic's of his awesome little Hornet to share with us.Cheer's mate.Lucky bugger get's to enjoy the spoil's of S.A's stretch of the Murray,which is ski heaven in my eye's(so much better than the Vic end I love)...The boat was originally pieced together by a couple of mates that worked together in the engineering dept.at Holden's Elizabeth plant in S.A. It was later sold to a fella from the same dept. who later sold it to a mate from the same dept. again!!!This is where Thommo stepped in and he's been thrilled with the reliability of the old girl which hasn't missed a beat... Wait till you see the pics of the next boat Thommo sent us, it's a ripper!...I beleive he might be holding back on pic's of some old racing skiff's he has though..See how we go.


  1. My mate has a Meos Hornet which is wider and has more space in it than mine. Mine looks identical to the one in this picture, so am I right in presuming the Mk1 was a smaller hull?

    Chris Hill- ch_hill@bigpond.com

  2. you've got me with this one sorry.I get the feeling the mkII did not have the screen contoured in with the hull,a bulkier deck with the screen perched on top???I'm definitely no Meos expert though and more than likely just confused the matter more.Hopefully someone can clarify eventually..... Would love to see yours and maybe your mates too???