Thursday, 1 March 2012


COMMOTION II...Skicraft Deluxe...Holden 308...Back in Oct 2002 skipper Ash and crew,Nathan and Chris,completed a dream cruise traveling the length of the mighty Murray River in this old rocket!..Raising awareness for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,their trip covered 2037 klm's taking 13 day's in total.Along the way Nathan set an unofficial world record for the longest tube ride covering a distance of 301 klm's. Downtime along the way included 3 rudder's,2 prop shaft's,1 prop and also a broken ski pole,all quickly sorted out thank's to sponsor's and supporter's of their journey...I can only imagine how amazing this trip must have been,much respect fella's!!!...Since the trip Ash and Co have treated COMMOTION II to a thorough refreshing including structural area's such as floor's and below.Well done mate...Legend of the Murray.

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